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Completely Authentic Third Person Bio

Dillon Coffman is a developer from Pittsburgh, PA. He graduated in May of 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He's currently a Senior Web Developer at Wolfe LLC. In his free time he plays music on all kinds of instruments and tries to read a lot of books on philosophy and life. Here he is trying to pet a Philly bookstore cat unsuccessfully:

Dillon unsuccessfully trying to pet a Philly bookstore cat

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out my site. This site is a conglomeration of all things me. Here you'll find everything from my thoughts on tech and philosophy to little songs and covers I've made. Ever since I was little I've been playing guitar (yes, the Fisher-Price piece of plastic with buttons and sounds totally counts!) and find myself most at ease when listening to or playing music. You could say music is my.. ... jam. Sorry about that.

In 2022 I took up leathercraft & began creating all kinds of things from wallets to watch straps for family & friends. It wasn't too far into the year when I decided to spin up Dillon's Leather Co. to share my work with others. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for a rad new wallet or pencil case 😎

Outside of music and leathercraft, I find myself hacking on side projects. In the past I've helped a local nonprofit by building them an event website to raise money and get our community active during COVID-19. Currently I'm exploring projects integrating with new AI tech like DALL·E 2. Thanks to University, a couple rad internships, a cool job and an insatiable curiosity, I've had the opportunity to work with all kinds of technology. From writing C programs to developing Android applications to building web apps in the cloud, you can find it all on my GitHub. Currently I'm interested in building web apps with Next & Tailwind CSS.

Want to say 👋? Want to talk tech, music, philosophy or do you need a new wallet? Feel free to reach out any time by emailing me.