Is This Thing On?

Is This Thing On?

12 March, 2019

2 minute read

Welcome to my site 👨‍🚀

I’ve planned to begin posting here for the past couple months and I finally decided to do it. Things have been busy, but that’s no excuse not to start! I want to make this a regular thing and use these posts to chronicle everything I’m working on, learning, reading, or listening to. Tim Ferriss’ 5-Bullet Friday newsletter has inspired me to do something similar here. If you haven’t checked out any of Tim’s books or podcast episodes, I would highly recommend them!

Who am I?

TLDR: Currently I’m a junior studying Computer Science at Temple University out in good ol’Philadelphia. I’m originally from the Pittsburgh area but wanted to see what life was like outside of the small town I grew up in. Needless to say, I don’t voice what sports team I root for that often around here 😜 I’ve played guitar and ukulele for almost 11 years now and recently acquired a suitcase drum.. so that’s pretty neat. I started learning to code late in high school and will probably forever be learning something new in the field (hard to outrun that impostor syndrome). You can keep up with what I’m working on tech-wise on my GitHub.

What am I working on?

This week I’m battling three exams, a quiz, and a project presentation but that’s all just a part of the student grind. In my Mobile Apps: Design/Prototyping class I’m continuing work on my own app idea. You can check out a paper prototype for it here. This is an idea I’d like to pursue beyond prototyping and into actual development in the near future.

What am I reading?

Right now I’m shuffling between a few books, but am mostly reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and MAKE Book by Pieter Levels. Atomic Habits focuses on surprise - breaking down what habits really are and how to manage our own based on their smaller, more manageable parts. MAKE Book is about learning how to bootstrap profitable startups without all the bells and whistles that come with venture capital.

What am I listening to?

“When The Truth Is…” by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

“Leave A Light On For Me” by Shakey Graves

“Electricityscape” by The Strokes