Partial Impact Theory

Partial Impact Theory

28 August, 2019

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Yo! A little over a week ago I finished up my internship and just started my senior year yesterday! During my last few weeks at work I continued work on GiftYa (check out the new home page I coded up!) and had the opportunity to work on PerfectGift for a bit. After wrapping up my second internship at Wolfe, I feel more and more grateful every day that I got to be a part of the team there. Before coming to Wolfe, I was under the impression that I needed to know absolutely everything about everything to ‘make it’ and do well as a developer. Long story short, I was challenged in more ways than one, learned a ton, and got to work alongside awesome people!

Outside of work I’ve been reading and playing guitar as usual 😜. I recently picked up No Death, No Fear: Comforting Wisdom for Life and highly recommend it. My parents took me on a sweet City Brew Tour in the burgh for the weekend following my birthday.

Development & Design 👨‍💻

Since I’ve started my senior year, I’m trying to evaluate how I can continue to work on personal projects and still be successful in my classes. It’s easy for me to jump from one project idea to the next because there’s so many cool technologies out there to use. My main goal is still PlayRight and the design/prototype for it. I plan to recreate my current Adobe XD prototype in Figma and go from there. A few weeks ago I planned to create a Gatsby theme for artists and got busy with work (go figure!) but check out this theme Eka already built!

School will definitely be keeping me busy this year. This semester alone I’m taking Software Design, Mobile App Development, Cloud Computing, and Computational Probability amongst a couple free electives. All of these CS courses besides probability are project based so I’ll have quite a few hoops to jump through in managing my time.

Last week I worked on React Native gestures, navigation, and animations using to pull in random user data each time the app loads. Check out my very rough demo:

Quote I’m digging…

“You do not need to waste your time doing those things that are unnecessary and trifling. You do not have to be rich. You do not need to seek fame or power. What you need is freedom, solidity, peace and joy. You need the time and energy to be able to share these things with others.” - Thich Nhat Hanh: No Death, No Fear

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