Whole Lotta Notion

Whole Lotta Notion

7 September, 2019

4 minute read

Notion ✍️

Welcome to this week’s post 😎, I hope your week is coming to a chill close! This past week has been filled with sorting through syllabi and learning how to manage my time more effectively to keep me doing things that I enjoy like writing this blog post! Over the course of that time I read a lot, learned a lot, and have started to better manage my time. One of the tools I’m using to do that is Notion (none of my links are affiliate links).

While it was overwhelming at first, I finally got the hang of it. Notion allows me to put all my thoughts into one place. Whether it be creating a reading list, storing ideas for blog posts/tutorials, taking notes of my own, or managing a development project with Kanban style boards and docs - Notion can do it all. It also allows me to share my the pages I create with you to check out! I mentioned in my last blog post about “learning in public”. This idea is something I’m trying to make a part of most of the dev work that I do, so here’s a link to a page where I took notes on Frontend Masters’ Node and API Design with Node courses! If you’re currently enrolled in any college you can sign up for GitHub’s Student Developer Pack for FREE and get free access to FEM courses for 6 months! Again this isn’t an #ad, it’s just something I think is extremely valuable for anyone looking to learn web development!

Development & Design 👨‍💻

Besides watching a lot of courses on Frontend Masters this past weekend, I’ve mostly been getting ready for development in my classes. In Software Design we’re starting with TDD (Test-Driven Development) which requires us to use Java’s JUnit unit testing framework. To keep things accessible for everyone since Macs are so expensive☹️, my Mobile Development class just focuses on Android development. So far we’ve just reviewed OOP concepts in Java since we’ll be using Java instead of Kotlin to develop apps. In my Cloud Computing class we’ve gone over the basic terminology of everything and will get into practical things with AWS next week!

My plan for PlayRight is still to recreate my current prototype in Figma.

Reading 📚

Quote I’m digging… 👓

“Man will only become better when you make him see what he is like.” - Anton Chekhov

Listening To 🎧